We're delighted you wish to join us here at STACK Seaburn.

Although we would love to just open the doors and allow you to walk around and gather together socially, the current pandemic means we need to do things a little bit differently for a while.

Reading our FAQs prior to booking is strongly recommended and if you are still unsure of anything, contact our Bookings and Events teams.

In order to comply with the Government's current guidelines, we have put in place a booking system to ensure you feel safe visiting us, until we can get back to some form of normality.

For this reason, we will be allocating our benches and barrels throughout the venue for bookings. We also always keep an allocation available for walk ups.

Bookings from 21 June onwards:

The current Government roadmap will see all restrictions on social distancing lifted from 21 June therefore we will no longer be taking table bookings and we will operate as intended - as a walk up venue only.

We expect the Government to make an announcement on Monday 14 June to either confirm the lifting of restrictions, or they could potentially extend the current guidelines for a number of weeks. If restrictions remain in place we will release more booking dates.


Table bookings are priced at £2.50 per guests and available on a first come basis. Each booking will be allocated a space for up to 3 hours. Wherever possible we will accommodate you for as long as you would like to stay, however you may be asked to leave at the end of your slot so that we can welcome the next lot of guests.

All we ask is that you:

  • turn up for your booking on time (if you are more than 15 mins late your table will be released for walk up, and you will have to wait until another space becomes available)
  • be kind and respectful to our staff
  • follow the social distancing measures we have put in place
  • don’t turn up if you feel unwell or if you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms
  • take care of your own health and hygiene
  • and remember the virus is still present so we all need to help prevent the spread.

Bookable benches are situated on both the lower and upper plaza areas and are all located under our weatherproof stretch tents, however remember we are an outdoor venue and we can't control the weather. 

Please be aware before booking that any bookings made for smaller groups (2 - 3 people) will be allocated on one of our barrels with seats. Any bookings for 4 guests will be on a shared bench.

We ask that you please bear with us as we operate under unusual circumstances and in return we will do our best to still give you a great experience. 

See you soon!


Yes, the venue will be open:
Sunday - Thursday, 10am until 12midnight
Friday & Saturday, 10am - 1am

Benches can be booked from 12pm onwards.

Yes, we strongly recommend booking a table especially at weekends - there will also be limited capacity to accommodate walk ups on the day, but please be advised you may queue as demand is expected to be high. 

Yes, there will be a deposit of £2.50pp.
Deposits will be given back to you in way of a bar tab to be used towards soft / alcoholic drinks.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Any no-shows or cancellations will forfeit their deposit. 

Unfortunately you cannot cancel or amend your booking within 48 hours of the booking date.  

Please note, the 48 hours notice is in relation to office hours (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm) not an exact 48 hours prior to your booked time. 

No shows will forfeit their deposit.  

We will not be giving refunds for any Euro bench bookings made. 

We respectfully remind our visitors that we are an outdoor venue and unfortunately cannot control the weather. Although our bookable benches are mostly under cover, there is no guarantee of staying dry if it rains and is windy.

Please ensure you check the weather on the day of your booking and dress appropriately, no refunds will be given due to adverse weather conditions.

Unfortunately not - due to availability we can no longer change the date of your booking.

Bookings start from 12pm with the last bookable space being 8:45pm.
During the booking process only available benches will be shown. If your preferred time is not visible, this means that time is fully booked and you may have to be flexible with your arrival time.

All greyed-out dates are unavailable generally as they are fully booked.


No - the system automatically allocates the benches based on availability and our staff have been advised not to proactively move benches together. 

This is to ensure that STACK Seaburn complies with Government guidelines, ensuring the safety of our staff and customers. 

Information correct up until May 17th 2021.

No - the Government guidance currently states that you can only socialise in groups of 6 or within two mixed households (up to 10 people). By allowing multiple bookings we are breaching COVID compliance and risking the safety of our staff and customers. 

No - bookings are allocated 3 hours dwell time, however if you book a later slot (post 6:30pm) it is likely you will be able to enjoy an extended stay as there will be no bookings after you. 

We pride ourselves on being family friendly meaning under 18's are welcome in the venue up until 8pm. They must be accompanied by a responsible adult* during their visit at all times.

*We class a responsible adult as a parent, a step-parent or guardian or an adult who has 'parental rights, duties and responsibilities' in relation to the minor, thus becomes responsible for their actions within the venue. 

Our weekends are looking pretty full now for bookings leading up to 21 June – after which point, should restrictions get lifted, we will return to our normal operation - without the need to book.

Information correct up until 21 June 2021.

Yes, we are now taking bookings of up to 10 people from different households on one bench as per the Government's current guidance in any outdoor public venue, which includes STACK Seaburn.

Please note we are only accepting bookings with a max. of 10 people, due to our reduced capacity.

Yes - however please be advised you will be allocated onto one of our barrels with seats. 

Benches will automatically be allocated for 3 hours. If you wish to leave prior to your end time you can. When your booking duration comes to an end, we will kindly ask you to vacate the bench ready for the next booking. Due to capacity guidelines, you may be asked to leave the venue if there is nowhere suitable for your group to move to. Notice will be given when your time is due to come to an end.

No, you must arrive within the first 15 minutes of your booking start time otherwise you risk losing your bench. Arrival times are non-negotiable to ensure we adhere to government guidelines.

We strongly advise you arrive on time. Once your booking time starts, you will have 15 minutes to be seated. If you arrive between 15-30 minutes late, you may be asked to leave and come back at a time that best suits the venue as staff and guests are all operating on bench rotas every 15 mins. If you arrive 30 minutes after your booking time, you will not be able to be seated and your deposit will be non-refundable.

Please advise our door hosts that your numbers have dropped. We may, where it is safe to do so, place a smaller group on your bench.

It is very likely there will be another booking on the bench after your booking, particularly at busier times. Every bench will have details of booking arrival times, if you want to extend your visit to STACK Seaburn please speak to a member of staff to discuss if there is any immediate extension on the day.

If you are leaving before your allocated time, it would be appreciated if you could let a member of staff know.

No, but we ask that you please follow appropriate social distancing measures, our one-way system and are wearing a face covering or mask whilst moving around the venue.

No, we only require the lead guest's details.

No, all bookings must be made through our online booking system with at least 24 hours notice so we are able to manage capacity. 

Please advise our Door staff upon arrival you are there for a booking and they will direct you to our friendly door hosts who will safely check you in and show you to your bench.

Yes, all pre booked benches / barrels will guarantee you are undercover either in our Plaza or upper deck area. 

Yes, however we strongly encourage contactless payments.

Masks are not compulsory outdoors but must be worn indoors unless you have a reasonable excuse under the Face Covering Regulations not to wear a face covering.

Although STACK is an outdoor premise there are indoor areas including toilets where you will be required to abide by the indoor regulations on wearing masks. Masks may be removed when seated at tables for the purposes of eating or drinking.

We currently have acoustic live entertainment each day - please check our social media pages for further information.